A review by haletostilinski1
3 Dates, by Lily Morton


I always love and enjoy Lily Morton's work, whether they're short stories or full length. I adored this short story, it was classic Morton. Romantic, funny and sweet with some seriousness sneaking in here and there. But for the most part it is definitely a Rom-Com, with a great main couple who get their HEA.

Michael - or Mick, as only his best friend Archie gets to call him - works for Gabe - MC of book one of the Mixed Messages series - and has been best friends with Archie, a nurse, for ten years since high school.

Archie has known his feelings since basically the first time they met, but it takes until well, present day in this book ten years later for Mick to realize what has been right in front of his face.

After he catches his boyfriend of a year cheating on him and breaks it off, he takes Archie on the Valentine's Day dates he had planned for him and said cheating boyfriend, but only as "friends" of course.

But as they go to the places Mick planned, it comes more and more apparent he planned the dates with Archie in mind, not the ex, and Mick's eyes start to open more and more when it comes to Archie.

This was a sweet, wonderful tale of these two best friends becoming lovers, and their chemistry was really well done. Morton has done this before with short stories, packing in the history and everything so that the love doesn't feel out of left field when they fall into it.

Loved this, definitely recommend!