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In another time and place, this book would easily be four stars, so don’t let your eyes quickly gloss over my three star rating and somehow give you the false impression that this book is just average. Also, never mind. Let’s continue...

Here’s the deal, friends. And we’re all friends, aren’t we? And we’ve been practicing social distance long before that was a thing. We’re all way ahead of our time, aren’t we, Goodreads? Anyway,

I ended a sentence we a comma, or I broke a sentence into another paragraph. Either way, I don’t care enough to fix it.

I started this audiobook back when things were relatively normal. What is normal anymore? Sitting at home playing video games and reading books. Watching comforting television programs. Playing basketball with the kids. Cooking meals from Hello Fresh and warming up the leftovers the next day. Not getting a haircut. Wearing a hat more often. Considering bringing back the caveman look. It’s been way too long.

I listened to this story on the way to and from work, at work, like a normally do. Then, working from home went from a nice perk of my job to a mandatory thing. I didn’t, I mean I couldn’t listen to audio books or podcasts the same way. There were other things going on around the house. There wasn’t a commute. So it took me way too long to finish this.

I really liked it though, but I was so ready to be done reading it. I didn’t give it a fair shot to be better than I know it is. The whole concept of social media followers and fame and influence mixed up into a science fiction time bending tale was awesome. The writing was sharp and witty. You should definitely read it if the plot strikes a chord with you at all. It’s better than I’m rating it.

I mean, what the hell else are you going to do? Read this funny sci-fi romcom fictional tale and take your mind off things for a while. It’s a good option right now. I may revisit it again down the road so I can truly appreciate it more than I did this time around.

I really need a haircut, man.