A review by alittlehaze
The Sun Is Also a Star, by Nicola Yoon


Didn't we almost have it all???


This book COULD have had it all. Nicola Yoon once again showed that she has wonderful ideas with a lovely way of writing her books. There were the hot topics of immigration and of racism. There were moments of parental depression. There was talk of personal rebellion. There were beautiful moments of self acceptance. There was a wonderfully diverse cast of characters.
There was sooooooo much potential.

But!!! What happened??????
Coulda. Woulda. Shoulda.
These topics and characters were drowned by so much sugary sweet syrup that this book turned into yet another hackneyed, overly clich├ęd YA contemporary.

Flat characters, unrealistic love story laden with too many ridiculous cliches... I could have maybe bought it if the characters had described it as more insta-like. Honestly do not talk about love within 2 seconds of meeting someone please.

Okay so having a book heavy on the diversity factor gets you brownie points BUT it only goes so far. Please next time have a little more grit. I'm not looking for death and destruction. I just need a little less sugar. I mean books like this one will only make our teeth rot!!!!!

Less simply mentioning the buzz worry themes and more exploration of them please. DEPTH!!!!! This was all so shallow. Please dear Nicola Yoon, you have the talent to craft interesting stories. Next time take those beautiful ideas of yours and go diving in the deep end with them, and both your plotlines and characters will be all the more richer for it.

One and a half stars