A review by oliviamnsnll
Caliban and the Witch: Women, the Body and Primitive Accumulation, by Silvia Federici


I read this book for the class "Written out of Wedlock" at Butler University. And let me tell you, going in I thought I had a good understanding of marxist historical analysis, but that was challenged by the herstorical approach of Federici. The discussion of how Capitalism requires an Us vs. Them mentality in order to thrive was enlightening, and this particular work examines the lives of women that were marginalized and erased during the rise of capitalism.

I learned that communism was popping up all over europe during the decline of feudalism, and that capitalism arose as a direct reaction from the rich who were afraid of losing their power. The idea being if they gave the impression that anyone could become wealthy, then maybe the revolution would end.

Also contains an indepth look at the villainization of witches and women healers.