A review by aboutthatstory
Caress of Darkness by Julie Kenner


Stories like this are a guilty pleasure! A great paranormal element mixed with an extremely passionate and sexy story. Loved it!

This was really fast paced, solid story from beginning to end. I immediately liked Callie. There's a great overview of who she is and what's going on with her that really pulls you into the story. I loved that instant connection and chemistry she had with Raine. Seriously hot and steamy! There was a fantastic build in learning all the paranormal details and finding out just exactly who Raine is and how he and Callie were connected. Loved how it was all laid out.

There were some emotional moments mixed in with bits of drama as well. Nice amount of intensity at the end. I liked it all! I really liked all the characters that were introduced and I wanted to know more about them, I was excited that the epilogue hints at more and I will definitely keep reading.

Excellent and passionate paranormal romance! I'm definitely a fan. 5 stars!

Complimentary copy received for honest review.