A review by mari_escapeinabook
Pretty Bad Things by C.J. Skuse


My summary:
Sixteen year old twins Beau and Paisley Argent lost their mum years ago and their dad went to prison and after that they didn't hear from him. Since then they lived with a cruel and selfish grandmother who cares more for money than her grandchildren. Good old grandmother sent Paisley to boarding school(several actually) because she was to difficult to handle but Beau have always been a good little boy never causing any trouble.. That is until the day Beau figures out that their grandmother has been keeping secrets, a whole box of secrets containing letters from their dad. It's showtime and the reader is taken for a ride to Las Vegas robbing candy stores with the twins.

My thoughts:
Beau and Paisley is such a great pair of siblings, they are just such opposites; one calm, the other one a bit crazy never really stopping to think about the consequences of their actions. The twins will take you for a fun ride that's for sure.

The chapters alternates between Paisley and Beau telling us about their adventure and it works quite well for me. I'm was not always overjoyed by Paisleys voice because it didn't always seem that authentic but she grew on me as she developed throughout the book.

All in all a entertaining read and I want more, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a sequel.

The cover:
Lovely and pink just like some of the candy being stolen.