A review by jullieskywalker
Daughters of Sparta, by Claire Heywood


I loved to see this new take on the life of Helen and Klytemnestra. Even though I knew a little about this story, seeing it from their point of view, the challenges they had to endure in a society where their role was only to be wed and bear children was certainly interesting. Both sisters were surrounded by death, even if it got to them in different ways. I don't blame Helen for the death of her niece Iphigenia, since it was an act of revenge. Nor I blame her for the war that happened for her - or simply for the pride of both brothers and Greece -, because I don't think she'd ever think it would take such proportions. She made a bold choice that at the moment seemed like the only way of taking the chance on a new life. A chance that's very, very rare for women in her position. The same goes for Klytemnestra, who had a new chance at love, with a man who actually appreciated her.