A review by joanna1905
How to Be Remy Cameron by Julian Winters


Another fantastic book from Julian - with a truly stunning cover!

This book wasn't quite what I expected but that definitely wasn't a bad thing! Something I loved about this book is that it's not a coming-out story nor is it a romance story (though there is a very cute romantic side plot, which I totally would have loved a little bit more of) - this is a book about labels. About how finding your labels can be liberating but it can also be restrictive and how to find a balance between the two.

This is also a love story - the love between a young black queer boy and his adopted family, and later this biological half-sister. The familial relationships in this book were one of my absolute favourite things in this book it was so well executed and really created a feeling of warmth within the story.

A tiny element I loved was that the flip on the quarterback and cheerleader couple but with a female quarterback and male cheerleader - it was a small detail but I loved this.

I think my main critique with this book is that it could have been longer - there were so many really cool side characters but we only just graze the surface with all of them and not really get to know them. Same with the romance, I would have loved just a little bit more!

I have to say out of his two books I think RWL is my favourite but this was a great second novel and I definitely look forward to continuing to support Julian throughout the rest of his career.