A review by snowhitereads
Three Women, by Lisa Taddeo

challenging reflective medium-paced


Continuing with #nonfictionnovember, I’ve read Three Women by Lisa Taddeo.
I had heard amazing things about it, but tried to not look up too much about it so I wouldn’t get my expectations too high.

Three women is a nonfiction book about women and desire.

First of all, this book doesn’t read like nonfiction at all, I had to remind myself constantly that it wasn’t a fiction book. So in that way, it was a pretty enjoyable read.

Other than that however, it was a bit of a letdown for me. The three women were all white, privileged women, so it really lacks on the diversity department.  Considering the amount of years the author spent researching, I feel like she could have done better in that regard.

Second of all, for a book about female desire I found that all of the stories were more about women being abused, manipulated and doing everything they can to please men. 
Although I admire the women coming forward with their stories, I feel like this book is more about their sex lives than the female desire.

Lastly, this book is very explicit and graphic, and at times it feels a bit gratuitous.

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