A review by michaelgreenreads
Artemis Made Me Do It, by Trista Mateer

dark emotional hopeful fast-paced


Picked this up at the library solely because I now know an Artemis in my life (♥️)

First, I must say this book has a fantastic print budget — the paper feels unreal, there are high quality multimedia images and collages and everything is so glossy and nice. 

The poetry itself is like a premium tumblr feed - she is aiming for simple truths told in devastating ways, not the pulitzer in poetry. There is a lot of rage in these poems for survivors of sexual violence and patriarchy, there is also hope with a sprinkling of references to Artemis as a muse/survivor/hunter.

The poetry is not always surprising, but when it is, it is great! Recommended for anyone hurt in need of a good poem. 👍