A review by nickiinbookland
Falls Boys, by Penelope Douglas


It’s so great to be back in this world!
Reading a Penelope Douglas book is like curling up with a heated blanket and having all of the snacks.

They always write an incredibly intriguing story. Falls Boys follows Hawke and Aro. Hawke is Jax and Juliet’s son from the Fall away series. Aro is from Weston - the other side of the falls. There is an ongoing rivalry between Weston and the Falls Boys.

Hawke gets caught up with Aro after she fails to succeed in picking up money she is owed. This propels them into a forced proximity situation where they both have to hole up in the Carnival Tower. I don’t want to say anything more in fear of spoiling. But let me tell you… that the enemies to friends to lovers trope worked very well for me. The tension was next level. We also got to see such vulnerability play out between these two. I loved their relationship so much! And the CAMEOS?!?! Loved every second of seeing a few familiar faces. Leaving me to speculate on some future pairings. This was a great start to this next generation.

Special love for Pen’s author note at the end. Make sure you read for a deeper perspective and understanding of their mindset behind the storytelling.