A review by ankitakhataniar
Almost Mortal by Christopher Leibig


Very interesting read

The prequel to Almost Damned, Almost Mortal is a highly addictive legal thriller with supernatural elements. The protagonist Sam Young is exceptionally well written. His disposition towards himself and to life, in general, makes him highly relatable. Putting aside his psychic prowess, Sam certainly knows how to use the law to gain the desired outcome. Now combined with his abilities, it has propelled Sam into another dimension. It has been fascinating to read the book as Sam navigates through both mortal and almost mortal realms. The narration is marvellous and immersive. The incorporation of robust side characters makes the plot strong. The author clearly has a knack for thriller settings, and given his legal background, the legal elements of the story were most interesting to read. He has drawn on his experience to give the readers a unique and thrilling experience. Even without the metaphysical facets, I would still read about Sam's exploits. I recommend it to all who enjoy a faced paced thriller with a twist. My rating is five stars.