A review by nickieandremus
Murder in the Corn Maze by G. A. McKevett


This book goes back in time to when Savannah was growing up. It was Halloween and Granny Reid was taking Waycross and Savannah into the corn maze at Judge Patterson's Mansion, while the rest of their siblings listen to 'The Legend of Sleepy Hollow'. When Savannah stumbles across an actual corpse at the edge of the maze, and the body is one Granny Reid knows well, Granny & Savannah do all they can to help the Sheriff find out who the killer was.
I really enjoy reading the Savannah Reid mysteries. The ones with her growing up are set in the deep south, in McGill Georgia. Granny Reid didn't have two nickels to rub together but raised all those grandkids on love (and tough love in the case of Marietta, one of Savannah's headstrong younger sisters). I love the mix of love and wisdom that she sprinkles throughout the book. This is a fun, quick read, with a good mystery....... very enjoyable.