A review by clienzelle
House of Beating Wings, by Olivia Wildenstein



ill start this off by saying this actually has soo much potential. the plot is really good and so are the individuality of each of the characters, but what did not make this a 5 star for me were two things:

first is the pacing of the book. the first 60% of the pages were so slow that i kept looking at the synopsis to see what the story was about yet again because i was confused as to where this was exactly going. i still continued reading and did not put it down because it was still interesting but so painfully slow.

the second is our heroine, fallon. i’ll be blunt and say she was very immature the majority of the series and i know she’ll probably get development later on, but oh lord there were so much moments where i had to visibly roll my eyes at her reactions or her inner monologue. sometimes she was being overly dramatic and i had to say, “girl, it aint that deep.” i really hope she becomes more mature because if not then i would really throw hands because this whole thing had potential.

now for the rest of my thoughts, i loved pheobus (i forgot the spelling), syb, and also lorcan. they were the most likable characters to me. dante is meh and antoni is like 50-50 i guess.

overall, id give this 3 stars!