A review by johnlynchbooks
Betty, by Tiffany McDaniel


Wow. I'm sitting here struggling to put this review together. The author originally reached out to me inquiring if I would like to review the book. As she put it, it wasn't being billed as horror, but most certainly contains things that horror fans would appreciate, which is why she thought I might enjoy this book. Wow, was she right. Tiffany McDaniel is one hell of a writer and I dug the hell out of this one

First off, let me start by saying I had zero idea what to expect, but what I can tell you, is that i most certainly didn't expect that I'd walk away believing this to be one of the best books I've ever read. Beautiful prose coupled with just awful, awful things that will quite literally have you stopping for a breather. This reminds me alot of a video game series, the last of us. And I don't mean that because of story similarities, I mean it because the things that are happening in this story are absolutely appalling things that make you question how this can be so good, but you don't know if "enjoying it" or "having fun with it" are the right words.

I want to caution anyone who may read this book, it's not an easy read, but what it is for sure, is one of the best books I can ever remember reading. Top of lists change all the time, I've got a feeling that this is a book that will always be at the top of my best books i've ever read list. This was my first Tiffany McDaniel novel, but it most certainly isn't the last.