A review by alexctelander
Depraved, by Bryan Smith


When the world is getting you down, and the problems seem never ending, take a trip to the quaint, quiet town of Hopkins Bend, Tennessee. Only, don’t spend too much time interacting with the locals, or checking out the sights and surrounding countryside; in fact, you should probably only stop by Hopkins Bend if it’s an absolute emergency and only for a few minutes. Because there’s a big dark secret about Hopkins Bend that visitors know nothing about, since the visitors never make it out alive. Stories surround the town of bizarre practices, unholy rituals, murder, and even cannibalism. Each year the Holiday Feast is celebrated and for any tourist who doesn’t know better, coming to Hopkins Bend will be the last stop you make in your lifetime. So you should just stay away from the town, but the book Depraved by Bryan Smith about the town is great, with gritty, gory details, and no limit to the . . . depravity . . . which will have you reading on, turning the page, even though you can’t bear to find out any more.

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