A review by lacunaboo
Champion of the Rose: Darest Book 1 by Andrea K. Host


Yet another Host novel that reeled me in, kept me hooked, and spat me back out after finishing it only 2 days later with a total book hangover. She writes fantasy while creating truly unique worlds with captivating histories. And her characters, their motives and feelings and relationships, are so incredibly compelling!

Champion of the Rose did not disappoint. Soren is bound by an old enchantment for reasons that fail to satisfy, but performs her duties admirably even as she struggles to make her fate mean something more. Strake similarly rails against being a puppet, but still manages to put his country's well-being first. I liked them both.

However, I was utterly enchanted with Lord Aristide, the Diamond Courveur, and hope to see more of him in the sequel. Someone needs to melt through that polished exterior of his and find what lays at the heart of the man! I look forward to getting to know how he feels about his world.

There is one last character who plays a pivotal role in this book, but circumstances don't allow us to get to know at all beyond his actions and the things that have been done to him. His part in the story is nothing short of fascinating, and I would very much like to see where things go for him now that he has control of his own life, even if only mentioned in passing.

On to the next!