A review by pageturnersandsweettea
A Love Letter to Whiskey, by Kandi Steiner


This is my second time reading ALLTW, and my thoughts have not changed: an absolutely addictive novel. Steiner has incredible talent to mix a perfect romance novel filled with angst, hope,and sexy characters.

The journey Brecks, aka B, takes us on, seeing her get drunk on whiskey, reading the vivid descriptions, truly made me feel buzzed just reading the story. As someone who is a big whiskey drinker, I could feel the slow, delicious burn this novel created between Jamie and B's characters. The possessive feel that I got from Jamie had me quivering for more of him.

This book brought out all the feels in me. Just like the first time reading it, I cried for them during their painful moments, I laughed with them for their fun moments, I was angry at them during their stupid moments. And, I absolutely loved them wholly through all their moments. This entire novel, nee, love letter, was soul deep, raw, and fantastically chiseled. Epic, 5 star worthy novel!

*I read this novel via Kindle Unlimited. All opinions, negative or postive, are my own. *