A review by lauralynnwalsh
Flight of the Puffin, by Ann Braden


I don't often give books a 5 star rating and this one is probably just a bit under that for me, but I rounded it up to 5 stars because, even as an adult, I felt it held significance for me. People don't have to do something newsworthy or groundbreaking or even great in order to be amazing and worth appreciating. I have been told this before and, I suppose I believed it, but this book made me FEEL it. There is a bit of suspension of disbelief that is necessary for all of the connections to work out, but I didn't really mind, because it still felt good. And she didn't tie up all threads neatly at the end - there was enough to satisfy your mind, but not too much so as to be completely fairy tale ending. Worthwhile for me.