A review by claudia_is_reading
Frozen Crimes by Chrys Fey


This begins quite slowly, particularly when you compare it with the previous books in the series, but around the 75% mark, it accelerates and from then on you won't have respite.

Beth is almost at the end of her pregnancy, missing Donovan quite badly. And Donovan isn't doing it better, to the point that he's questioning his next steps career-wise. 

But when he's back home, he'll find a nasty surprise waiting: Beth is being stalked. Believe me, I can't imagine something worst than being 8 months pregnant, home alone and having some perv slithering around and trying to break my marriage.

As always, Thor is a rock and he's there, really to help his friends. If he gets to spend time with Amanda while doing so, well... he won't be the one complaint :P

Things keep escalating to the point that Beth thinks that's better to close 'Fighting Chance' at least until things get calmer. But nothing will stop Beth and Donovan from spending Christmas in Michigan with his family. What they don't know is that a blizzard is coming and things will get REALLY bad pretty soon. And when I say bad, I really, really meant it. That last part? It's chilling and very disturbing.

As always, this is a great story and an excellent ending for a thrilling series. I like where we left our heroes: happy, in love and with a little family of their own.