A review by magical_booklush
Almost Damned by Christopher Leibig


This book was a good read. The plot was definitely unique where a lawyer called Sam had to fight cases that were somehow connected to each other. The novel is more of a supernatural concept than a thriller and there were way too many characters for me to understand but the good thing is that there was a list provided before so it wasn't that hard too. I liked the writing style and the courtroom dialogues were really nice too. I am a huge fan of courtroom drama so this is definitely one of the best dramas and the supernatural touch was quite exotic for me to see. The language was easy to read and the story was not stretched too much either. The speed of the novel is super fast and that was something that I kind of liked and kind of got me confused. The ending was something that really had me in shock, I loved how each character had nice development despite the fast-paced story. Overall this book was a nice read with a supernatural touch that made it quite unique and also the concept was different and it worth trying at least once.