A review by taysbookshelf
Boy's Life, by Robert McCammon


3.5 stars, rounded up to 4. Boy's Life had moments of transcendent beauty, but it also had pages of...tedium. I will say off the bat that the book felt like it should've been 20-30% shorter. Still, I enjoyed it. And those moments of beauty gave me powerful frisson. The book is not, I repeat, is NOT horror. Someone on reddit described it as a Southern Gothic coming-of-age story with magical realism elements, which feels much more apt.

I'm struggling with this review because there was much to enjoy about Boy's Life, but it just didn't *DO IT* for me the way I wanted to it. This is in contrast to McCammon's other most famous work, Swan Song, which quickly became one of my favorite books ever.

The first 5-10% of this book was an A, the middle 80% was a C, and the last 5-10% was an A. It was a good story, but not one I foresee myself revisiting.