A review by bkish
Agency, by William Gibson


I did not read the Peripheral #1. In the past I was not able to get through another book by this author William Gibson. He has one specialty and it is cyberworld science fiction.
There is a lot of writings that this is not so readers should know that before they begin and get pissed off by what is not there for them
This is a slow read for me and yet it moves fast things are always in motion here. The main person Verity Jane in SF whose life is turned upside down inside out after some rather odd relationship with a famous venture capitalist Stets and that is when this story begins. It begins with her getting hired by Gavin at I forget name of his company as App Whisperer. What that is never explained and it is really irrelevant. She gets special glasses and some other device to test a prototype of something I forget. That gets her to Eunice and it continues on from there
If you are looking for a deep socially significant story and strong messages for people and their lives this is not it. It's entertainment and the characters are beyond or below superficial. It moves well and maybe for these times during the Corona Virus pandemic its a good read.
there are two scenes throughout - San francisco in 2017 and London in 2136 and they meld together very nicely.
Gibson has a great imagination and is excellent writer