A review by juliemawesome
The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, Vol. 1: Squirrel Power, by Erica Henderson, Ryan North, Wil Moss, Maris Wicks, Kyle Starks, Chris Giarrusso, Rico Renzi


This took me a lot longer to read than the Ms. Marvels! There were letter columns throughout, and I couldn't _not_ read them. And then there was a triple-long one, followed a few pages later, by another one! Really slowed me down. Also, they reprinted one person's letter in two different issues! Come on! And they also never responded to the two requests to put the footnotes in a more accessible color or font size.

Also included is Squirrel Girl's original appearance? Man, she looks creepy as heck in that comic!

It was fun. I actually wanted to see more of her life at college though.

(It's also educational if you don't know a lot about squirrels.)