A review by laila
The Novels of Gillian Flynn: Sharp Objects, Dark Places, by Gillian Flynn


This was a quick read.

Characters in this book are very stereotypical, the daughters are messed up because the mother is messed up because the grandmother is messed up, a pattern I've seen over and over in books, shows and films. Same with the people in small towns, the rich vs. the poor. The high school experience, the cool kids vs. the bullied kids.

I call this style of writing convenient. A lot of writers follow it.

I felt so uncomfortable reading the "sexual" description of the thirteen years old girls. They are children! What the author tried to deliver could've been delivered without this kind of descriptions.

The only character who did not frustrate me was, Curry, Camille's Boss.

The ending was supposed to be a plot twist, but in my opinion it was not.

Would I recommend this book to people If they asked? I'd say go a head and read it, there's definitely something in it but don't elevate your expectations.