A review by lisamcdreads
Flight of the Puffin, by Ann Braden


Thanks to NetGalley, Ann Braden, and Nancy Paulsen books for the digital ARC. Flight of the Puffin by Ann Braden is a wonderfully-moving, uplifting, important book that I think would make a great read aloud for grades 5-7. It starts with a girl, Libby, who because of her family association, is expected to be a bully and is treated as such. But she wants to be different, MORE, than that. She begins by writing positive messages on index cards and leaving them in places for people to find. In addition to Libby, there are three other main characters in the book that we hear from, Vincent, Jack and T. Each has their own story to tell and each story intertwines in a unique way. I absolutely loved this book and already pre-ordered it.