A review by gabi90
3 Dates, by Lily Morton

DNF around @60% I don't even know, I stopped several times.

Gabe and Dylan fans (Rule Breaker), you guys need to read this, if only because of them. They were the highlight of this book.

So I have a big dilemma. Lately I'm not enjoying contemporary books as much as I would like. I'm bored, that's why I didn't finish it.

But I wanna give 1 star for the way how the ex-boyfriend was treated. And I realize, it's probably me and not the book. I know the ex has to be the bad guy in this story, but couldn't it have been done in a non-degrading way? Mick was with the guy for a whole year, and he only realized after Patrick cheated on him, that he does not even like him. After he caught him with another guy (calmly observed it), he went home, to break up with him officially. He outright called him stupid and selfish, superficial and materialistic...

You’re frequently unkind, obsessed with surface appearances, and have a brain that’s emptier than the Sahara Desert.”

“You’re also messier and more careless with possessions than a small toddler and just as fond of destruction.”

“You’re an idiot. You should read more than your weekly copy of Hello.”

...and those things might be true (albeit unrealistic, I think this character was a bit overdone), but why the hell was he with him in the first place, if he thought those things about him. I get it, it's better to be with someone, than alone. But... anyway..... he might've deserved to be kicked out, but I just didn't like the things that were said about him.

I also realize that it should've been funny, humor a la Lily Morton, but.. ugh! No!