A review by annettebooksofhopeanddreams
A Wilderness of Stars by Shea Ernshaw


I made a mistake today. This book has been on my wishlist ever since it was announced. I was incredibly happy when it arrived, but it never was the right moment to read it. And I actually thought that today was the right moment. I wanted to read this. I was ready to read this. I thought. I was wrong. I was currently not in the right emotional state to read this. But the moment I discovered that I was already way too invested.

This book is actually for most of the book, if not all of the book, quite depressive. That's not a negative thing. Especially because the author does an amazing job describing the emotions, setting the atmosphere and making us feel what the characters feel and making us understand why characters do what they do. It's just, when you're already not feeling too great this is not the kind of book you want to burden your heart with.

For a very long time it's a little unclear what is going on exactly. We get glimpses of an origin story and we of course have a heroine knowing that she needs to go find the architect so he can bring her to the sea, but that's actually all the information we get. I can imagine that for some readers finally being able to understand the world and what has happened takes a long time. I kinda liked that the author basically forced us to just enjoy the journey.

I also really loved the romance in this book. It was the kind of romance that develops time-wise very fast and yet we understand that there is this deep connection, that they've both been through things no one else can understand, that there is something bringing them together and that it's almost impossible for our characters to fight that. And yet throughout the book you feel that this romance might not get a happy end.

So, amazingly well written book, but a book I shouldn't have read right now.