A review by kairosdreaming
Throne of Jade, by Naomi Novik


So I love the dynamics of the Temeraire relationships. The lore of the dragons and rewriting of history to include them, the various details about the dragons themselves. It's a lot to like. That being said, this one was a bit slow going for me. All journey, little adventure, with a rush at the end.

We were introduced to our team in the first book; dragon and man, and a slew of side characters (human and dragon). Those, thankfully, are still present in this book, along with some new faces as well (although I can't say I really felt connected with any of them). If you haven't read the first book, it's not as critical as some series, but I do highly recommend it, as it will contain lore and backstory.

The biggest thing for me about this book was the pacing. The transport just took so long and was a bunch of back and forth without really super driving the plot. I still appreciated the detail and world-building, but for the excitement itself, there were only a few instances. Compared to the first book (and I know, I know, I didn't like the military jargon in that one), it was just kind of like reading conversational letters.

The dragon world itself I was glad to see built on though, and the comparison of the different cultures and their approach to relationships with dragons was interesting. Still a solid series, I look forward to reading the next.

Review by M. Reynard 2022