A review by nocto
Spring on the Little Cornish Isles: The Flower Farm by Phillipa Ashley


It's not true, in fiction or in real life, that if everyone was just honest with everyone else and told them what was going on, that everything would be alright. But this book really took the 'please will you just talk to each other' thing and stretched it a bit far for my liking. I was reading it for some easy entertainment while my head was distracted by other things and I ended up getting all a bit annoyed with it. 

It's romance, and the ending we were heading for was pretty obvious, but the path was windy enough that I wondered if the destination might be somewhere else for a while, which is all good with me. But I really think the readers ought to have been let in on why one of the characters was behaving so badly. There are two stories here, about Jess and Will, twins who run a flower farm on  Scilly (tweely and pointlessly rebranded here as the 'Little Cornish Isles')  and Jess's story was the one that annoyed me and it was seeded in the previous book in the series so it seemed to have been a long time for one of the characters to keep a secret.

I kind of wanted to throw the book at the wall, and beat myself up for bothering to read it, it was mostly a case of knowing that both me and the author can do better than this.