A review by chrisp189
Ignite Me, by Tahereh Mafi


Spoilery-ish *************

This was quite bad.

-Juliet working through her trauma
-Juliet learning how to use her powers
-The parts where she was broken up with Adam and wasn't with Warner (also good in Unravel Me)
- Kenji and Juliet's relationship and all their snark
-James being cute
- No more annoying cross outs (at least in audio)

-Juliet's relationship with Adam (ew)
-Juliet's relationship with Warner (extra ew)
-The entire plot!!! Like what the hell? What was that ending? They just "solved" all the problems so so easily. So ridiculous I nearly died. I know it was left a bit open ended, but still there were like no stakes and no consequences to anyone's actions
-Warner in general being a gross boy
-Adam in general being a jealous asshole
-The sex scenes (triple ew)

That's all there is to say.