A review by softestreader
Rain City Lights, by Marissa Harrison


I could not put this book down.

It was uncomfortable to read, and i thought that was brilliant. It was necessary, and hard, and brutal, and i stayed up all night to finish it.

I felt for the characters. They deserved a better life, and the life they lead was shared - is still shared - by far too many people. It broke my heart.
Also, every character was deeply, three-dimensionally, human. They weren’t nice, and most weren’t even good people, but they were *real people* and it was so powerful.

There were times when i felt genuinely scared reading it. It’s not a horror book, but the reminder in the back of your head saying ‘this really happens’ makes it beyond poignant.

And the ending? Talk about pulling on your heartstrings, I’m still not over the emotional rollercoaster of the last 10% of the book - it was just incredible.

This book will stay with me for a long time.

TWs: abuse, drug abuse, murder, overdose, prostitution, violence