A review by kailey_luminouslibro
Avatar Volume 2: The Last Airbender by Michael Dante DiMartino


I love and adore everything to do with Avatar, but this little book was really just a cut and paste of screenshots from the TV show, and that doesn't exactly work well for a book.

If there had been new art that was created for a book format, it would have looked better and flowed better for a written story. A lot of the time the action wasn't clear, because the panels weren't created to make that action clear on paper.

Other Avatar comics that I've seen (like The Search or The Rift) were actually created to be comics, and those are wonderful and work perfectly and the artwork is fantastic! So I was disappointed to see that this is so poorly organized.

As far as the story goes, of course I adore Aang and Katara and Sokka! The plot is perfection, the characters are marvelous, and the world building is phenomenal! I just wish this little comic did them justice.