A review by alayna017
Dreaming of You by Lisa Kleypas


I loved this book! I mean, why haven’t I read this one yet? I’ve been hearing about Derek Craven from Fated Mates podcast for years, so I decided to pick it up after Derek Craven Day (2/4-as observed by the podcasters).

I loved Derek, he fell for Sara so fast that he doesn’t even realize it. I loved that she’s the one who saved him first, from the guys in the street and from the lonely world he was building around himself.

I loved Sara, who was always more than just her country village. She was ambitious and smart and loved writing. She was shy but never so timid to not stand up for herself. I loved her attitude about being ruined and her self sufficiency in her own life.

Great book, it’s going on my reread list!