A review by mackenzieereads
The Sun Is Also a Star, by Nicola Yoon


4.75 // THIS. BOOK. WAS. PHENOMENAL. Honestly, I'm having a hard time finding the words to describe my feelings about this book, but i'll give it my best shot.

The Beginning: I have to admit, I wasn't sucked into The Sun Is Also a Star right away. In the first 30-40 pages, I was feeling rather "meh." It could be because I'd just finished reading The Assassin's Blade, which is packed full of action, or it could be because I had such high expectations after reading Everything, Everything - who knows. The plot was a little slow-moving, but I suppose it was understandable because the characters needed to be introduced. Nevertheless, those first few chapters are the reason why I'm not giving this book full stars.

The Middle: After the 45-50 page mark, oh boy, I was obsessed. I fell in love with the characters; I adored the little chapters dedicated to explaining minor characters and how their day affected the day of the main character, or the chapters meant to explain certain subjects (for example, how eyes work); I also was sort of head-over-heels for Daniel and his poetry. Plus, I thought it was interesting how, despite the fact that this book only takes place over the course of one day, nothing seemed too insta-lovey. It was simply perfect. I really, truly cannot convey to you how perfect it was.

The End: This was the part that I both anticipated and dreaded. On one hand, I needed to know how it ended. On the other, I knew that once I finished it, I'd have to wait a while for Nicola Yoon to write another book. So, my feelings were controversial, to say the least. While I liked the way it ended in a way that is super amazing and made my heart melt, I'm also dying to know more about Daniel and Natasha - what happened after the dramatic ending? It's hurting my heart to think about.

So, to sum it up, this book was flawless despite it's (very few) flaws. I wish I could just give everyone a copy of this novel and tell them to read it, and to read it now. It surpassed my expectations and quite frankly, I'm in love. My final takeaway is: Nicola Yoon is amazing and I worship her.