A review by zoyanazya
Babel: An Arcane History, by R.F. Kuang


Rf Kuang doesn’t disappoint, but i had a few (major) qualms with the execution of this book: one, too much exposition that even encompassed the characters’ relationships, and this to me just did not help the emotional build up a lot, that, although the end was great, the payoff could’ve been way way better if we got more scenes and interactions instead of going over what they did and how they felt; two, lack of nuance/too much in your face explanation, but this is personal and i get that some people like that, but i just thought it was excessive to the point of it coming off as distrusting the readers’ comprehension; three, might just be me, but for it’s length and the divisions in which the significant events/information happen, it could’ve been compressed by a lot, and i’m looking at that chunky middle with a ton of translation facts.