A review by veryreaderie
Abandon, by Meg Cabot


I came here to give a splintering review but I see quite a few people have already done so. I didn't think Pierce was as bad as some reviews are making her out to be, but she did ramble and wasn't that compelling as a character.

Mostly, I hated how the story didn't feel like it went anywhere. There was so much explanation about past events that events in the current timeline only took up a small portion of the book and didn't feel like a coherent whole. The party at the start of the book (and subsequent bike ride) felt like it went on forever because of all the exposition forced into those scenes.

Also, I'd like to note that I'm kind of tired of the omg-it's-an-abusive-relationship thread we get on for books like this. If I think back to what I wanted as a teen, I would have loved to have a guy obsessed with me (or I thought I would). These books are harmless wish-fulfillment and I don't think that's a bad thing. It's not like we form our concept of a healthy relationship from one single book, and in the meantime there are plenty of other books with great relationships. (I still think Tamora Pierce should be required reading for young teens.) Any young-girls-shouldn't-read-this sentiments make me incredibly nervous. Read MORE, not less.

Regardless, I was disappointed to find that this book doesn't do the Persephone myth justice. I've been looking for a good Persephone-story for so long... if anyone can recommend one to me I'd be much obliged. :) Doesn't have to be romantic--I'd love to read about Persephone escaping or getting revenge just as much as a romantic reinterpretation.