A review by openmypages
The Lights of Prague, by Nicole Jarvis


{4.5 stars}

“Prague did not know Domek, did not need him, but his life was overlaid on the ancient streets in watercolor, the patterns sheer and impermanent.”


I've found another fabulous addition to my vampire book collection. The Lights of Prague is dark and compelling and full of unusual magic and monsters. Domek is a lamplighter, his job, on paper, is to be out at night lighting the gas lamps around the city. Lamplighters, however, are secretly charged with protecting the city from demon attacks. The most fearsome threat are pijavice: immortal soulless former humans who subsist on human blood (essentially vampires). When there are reports that some of these demons have been spotted in the sunlight, the lamplighters group is frantic to figure out how this is possible and stop it before the pijavice become unstoppable.

Not all pijavice are hell-bent on killing humans and grabbing power, in fact there are some hiding in plain sight. When Domek learns that not all demons are as evil as he thought and the cost of the magic giving them this new capability, he must decide whether eradicating all demons is the right path.

I love that Prague itself served as a character, the atmospheric descriptions of every dark corner and gilt theater was so immersive. Domek's evolution from unwavering vampire hunter to a more nuanced hero was quite satisfying to watch. This is an excellent addition to any vampire, witch or magic lover's shelves!

Other quotes I loved:

"Monsters come from humanity."

"There was something melancholic yet comforting about a silent library. So much knowledge sat unlearned. Books without readers were just paper."