A review by bookworm_smanff
The Giver of Stars, by Jojo Moyes


I loved this book. For me it started slow, but I think my automatic reaction to a book set 'back in the day' is to think I won't enjoy it.

Alice escapes her family and her life in England when she marries Bennett, a Kentuckian. Her new life begins in a new country with hope of happiness and love.

When struggling to fit in to her new way of life Alice volunteers to join the Kentucky Pack Horse Library. Joining other women who deliver books miles across the rural landscape to ensure that all families, women, children and schools get to enjoy the beauty of reading and learning from books - indifferent to their financial or social status.

It was a heart-endearing book. Fights for justice, for friendship and loyalty to the end. A stand on racism, that during this US depression era was rife and blatant and apologetic.

Alice learns what is important in life, who she wants to be, and the value of friends and people who show her more love than her own family ever have.

We get to hear of the horrific conditions of the miners, endangering their lives to earn a living.
There is romance and friendship, love, pain, destruction - there is the fight to be free.

Basically....read it.