A review by almondcookies
The Switch by Beth O'Leary


This book is based around two main characters, an elderly lady living in a sleepy Yorkshire village and her grandchild hustling in London. Both aren’t happy and so swap houses and duties for a few months (I say swap houses and not swap lives, because when I first read “swap lives”, I thought this was a body swap ala Freaky Friday kind of deal. It’s not).

Grandma goes to the big city, finds herself by making friends, building a community, helping those around her and having casual sex. Grandaughter goes to Yorkshire, drinks lots of tea, cools her shit for 93% of the book, then remembers in that this is supposed to be part romance and quickly rushes to find anyone within the appropriate age and 5 mile radius before the end of the book.

What I hated: Granddaughter and her love life was extremely infuriating.
What I loved: Grandma. And Yorkshire Tea. The best tea.