A review by pauline
How to Make a Wish, by Ashley Herring Blake


3.75⭐ rounding up to 4 because it was very close to it!
I really liked this book overall, I had trouble getting into it for the first 100 pages but after that it was a smooth ride and a very quick read. I loved the relationship between Eva and Grace it was so sweet and heartfelt!! The other characters were adorable and I loved how supportive and close they were all to each other (apart from Maggie of course). Buuut, I would have liked the book to go deeper on the characters' emotions/personality since the story doesn't revolve around the plot that much.
The bisexual rep was top notch and actually made me feel seen for once which is such a good feeling, and makes it even more special for me since it's pride month. Grace explained her attraction so perfectly and beautifully. The biracial rep was also very good but it was from the love interest's perspective so it did not go as deep.
Great great read on the whole and it makes me excited to read more of Ashley Herring Blake in the future :)