A review by kirsten508
Lava Red Feather Blue, by Molly Ringle


What can I say? I absolutely fell in love with this book. Normally waking up a prince would be the perfect ending to a fairytale, but this time it is actually the beginning of the story. Merrick wakes up Prince Larkin by accident from a 200-year sleep. This is not necessarily the problem, but by waking up Larkin he also has awoken Ula Kana. Ula Kana is a faery with only the goal to make the humans leave the fae's island. She and Larkin were both put to sleep as a truce between humans and fae.

This book was just amazing. I love how there are a lot of LGBTQ characters included, and by a lot, I really mean a LOT. It was there but it did not become the central focus of the book. It was just a fantasy book with a gay relationship and a non-binary sibling.

The buildup to the story's plot was perfect. It was timed good and did not move too fast or slow. The world-building was amazing and I love how the author made up the fae territory.

The relationship between Larkin and Merrick needed time to grow and that was exactly what this story needed. It probably would have been a cliche if the two of them would have fallen in love within the first hundred pages of the book.

This story really kept me in a reading mood, and I wanted to keep reading it. But at the same time I did not want the story to be over. Which is the perfect balance for me. I would definitely advise this book to fellow fantasy readers.