A review by bookliz_fr
This is How You Lose the Time War, by Max Gladstone, Amal El-Mohtar

adventurous challenging mysterious medium-paced
  • Plot- or character-driven? A mix
  • Strong character development? Yes
  • Loveable characters? N/A
  • Diverse cast of characters? Yes
  • Flaws of characters a main focus? N/A


This book is a short but complex book to read, especially when sci-fi is out of your comfort zone.

The story follows two people who travel in time, and also it seems in dimensions. Their purpose is easy to understand, but the big picture is a lot more complicated to grasp. Most of the time, it isn't easy to know in which period they are, but sometimes you have a name, so it's a lot more easier (just need a little research on the internet to find the period.)

It took time to dive into the book as first you change era at each chapter, and then the letter sometimes puts you off the story, as they talk about a lot of things and most of the time not related to the chapter you just read. I was nearly afraid to stop reading as I didn't know if I would quickly fall back into the story and as it's a short story, it's like wasting time a little.

The biggest issue I had was that I couldn't place anything. I wanted to have more details about the world they live in as they are both from two different and rival worlds, how they connect, why they are playing with the timeline and especially why they are against each other. You have some answers in the book, but it's too late and not enough for me. This problem is because I do not read a lot of Sci-Fi, which makes things hard to imagine. 

I didn't see the ending coming; I really liked it as it's simultaneously so logical and so mind-blowing.