A review by lilybearillini3
The 2000s Made Me Gay: Essays on Pop Culture by Grace Perry

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From the introduction, Grace Perry had me hooked! I rarely laugh while reading a book, even if it's funny. This book broke that for me as I laughed many times throughout.  Grace and I are technically in the same generation, albeit I'm so close to the next one.  Her voice is exactly my humor, so I felt like I had a grasp on the pop culture moments that were before my time.   A++ for essay titles, my favorite being "Harry Potter and the Half-Assed Gay Character."  "Taylor Swift Made Me a U-Haul Dyke" is one of my favorite chapters, because I semi-grew up knowing and sometimes liking her and her music. I have to agree with Grace, listening to her music made me a romantic, to my detriment at times.

I enjoyed reading Grace's experiences and her use of pop culture to tell these stories.  I found myself reflecting on my own journey in discovering my sexuality, often relating to the pop culture references.  It was a super fun read and I will be recommending to everyone.

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