A review by a_h_haga
The Lights Go Out in Lychford by Paul Cornell



Rereading this before listening to the last book. Which turned out to be smart, because I didn't remember how this book ended at all! And I have to admit that I have some trouble with Finn's-ARC through this series. It felt thrown in there a bit willy-nilly.

Keeping the original rating.
I found this book to be better than the last one, so I am really glad that I gave it a chance. Unfortunatly, it wasn't by much.

The best part was Judith's story, and how it was shown. It made me feel a lot, because Alzheimers runs in my family. I don't remember anyone being that back and forth, but everyone reacts differently and dementia is different than Alzheimers again. Either way, it was a strong read.

The rest of the story...
It was ok, but felt a lot like filler. I like how it ended, and am of course curious about what will happen in the next book because of it, but I'm not really feeling the urge to get my hands on it like with many other books.

Original rating: 3/5 stars