A review by foraging_pages
Madam by Phoebe Wynne


Caldonbrae Boarding School, Scotland, 1990s.

This gothic tale of elitism is told in part by using anecdotes of women from the Classics…Dido, Lucretia, Hippolytus, Medusa, and more. Women who dared to take control of their own lives, women who died for it.

A young, forward-thinking professor of the Classics, Rose, is surprised yet happy to take up a position at the famous Caldonbrae Hall. That is until she realizes it houses some of the most elitist thinkers in all of Britain and produces conforming girls. Anyone who has dared to swim against the current has been “dealt with.”

Rose navigates the gilded halls, endures taunts from her female students, and slowly uncovers the horrifying truths of why the girls are sent to Caldonbrae and isolated from the modern world.

It was enjoyable for the most part. I was never bored despite the lack of plot and rather focus on characters and ideals. It was dark and disturbing at times.