A review by zaba_cita_novine
Fools In Love: Fresh Twists on Romantic Tales, by Hannah Moskowitz, Natasha Ngan, Rebecca Kim Wells, Ashley Herring Blake, Rebecca Podos, Amy Spalding, Sara Farizan, Laura Silverman, Laura Silverman, Gloria Chao, Rebecca Barrow, Julian Winters, Claire Kann, Lilliam Rivera


I'm rating this better than my average rating according to separate stories is.

It was a nice little collection but with a lot of flaws.

First, it bugged me that every story had a hapoy ending. I really wanted some heartache and some unsuccessful loves.

And then secondly, the doatribution of LGBT+ and heterosexual stories was REALLY uneven. I respect the inclusion and all, bit I would have liked for heterosexual couples to be included as well.

Finally, I found the stories with sci-fi and fantasy elements to be very boring. There was no importance of the fantastic element for the plot in all but one , which made it pointless. And the stories were way too short to give enough answers about the worlds and the supernatural.

Silver and Gold - 1
The story was completely unremarkable and boring. The execution was poor, and I had no real feelings while reading it. He writing style was very sloppy and I had a feeling of reading a story wrotten by a hobbyist and not a writer, not even amateur one. I had no feelings or liking towards the characters and I was told what I should feel more than I actually felt anything.

Five Stars - 4
This was the kind of cute that makes your heart melt. I loved it. The awkward new beginnings, the unlikely but completely possible accident, the tingling feeling when your crush is near you and likes you back. This story had it all!

Unfortunatrly, Blibs do not Eat Snacks - 2
I was more interested in the fantasy part of the story, and the romance was unnatural and just showed there somewhere yowards the end without any actual development. And, the fantasy part just fell apart amd wasn't finished, leaving me with more questions than answers.

Edges - 4
Apart from the hideous name of this story, it was pretty good. The first one in this book that actually had me feel the feelings. Pretty good.

What Makes Us Heroes - 1
Everything was pretty vague and artificial, and the superhero part was vay too shallow to give any importance to the story.

And - 2
The wriying style really bugged me a lot. I didn't like the main character who was just ready to play with everyone to get what she wanted. And I don't thing the whole threesome thing sits wiyh me well.

My Best Friend's Girl - 1
Not a fan of superheroes, especially when it has no importance to the story. Also, how can you not discuss whom you love with a person and call them a beat friend??? Or how can you call yourself someone's best friend and not see whom they love????

Fairy Like Attracts Like - 1
Placing a fat lesbian person in a story just for the sale of mentioning a fat lesbian is just shitty. If she was black or asian, you would have the whole deal! Well, it ahouldn't be done like that!

These Strings - 3
More of a friendship story than a live story. Unlikeable characters

The Passover Date - 3
Okay. Old friends find love.

Bloom - 3
Fantasy about traveling through time to find love. Both child-parent love and romantic love. Refreshing.

Teed Up - 2
I'm just not a fan of insta-love or manipulative parents.

Boys Noise - 3
Trans gay celebrity teenager falls in love with a band member who loves him back. It is cute, but nothing special. I didn't feel that the intetnal battle of falling in love with someone you shouldn't was ptesented in its full potential.

Girls Just Want to Have Fun - 1
As I said, I HATE insta-love stories. I'm also not the biggest fan of sci-fi.

Disaster - 3
I would probably have liked it more if it wasn't so obvious that there will be no disaster.