A review by sparklylikeaholiday
Guilty, by Laura Elliot


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My Review

I wanted to like Guilty by Laura Elliot, I really did. I still gave it 3 stars because it was well paced, the story line was good, and there were parts I loved. That said, there were also parts I didn't love.
Many of the reviews (and even the book description) talk about Constance's disappearance. Yes, Constance's disappearance is what started the chain of events. But to me, this book was about Amanda Bowe. So I will start there.
Amanda Bowe is a journalist on the rise. She is having a tawdry affair with a cop who is leaking information to her. Particularly about the disappearance of 13-year old Constance. Amanda is certain without a doubt that her uncle, Karl, is "the guy". So in a series of news articles, she has, in short, ruined his life.
I enjoyed this part of the book. It's AMAZING what a few misconstrued, slightly twisted words on paper can do to a person's life. Her articles never lied, but they sure did twist the truth around.


This story, from this point on becomes about revenge. But that's where it lost me. There was so much potential there and I enjoyed the premise. However, a little bit of the story was too "out there" for me. I did not enjoy the 'plinks' part of the story line at all. I found myself skimming over parts. That is always a tell tale sign that the enjoyment was lost somewhere. 
The ending didn't wow me much either. There is definitely some deeper meaning to the end of the story line, but it went over my head. I had trouble seeing understanding the underlying symbolism.
This story of revenge and bad karma had more potential. That is not to say that you won't enjoy the book.  5 star reviews - and lots of them. I am definitely in the minority here. The author's writing was enjoyable and the cover is AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL. The author's other books appeal to me, and am looking forward to giving them a try.  


Thank you to Laura Elliot, Net Galley, and Bookouture for the copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.