A review by katyanaish
Agnes and the Hitman by Jennifer Crusie


This was insanely fun. So much more than a romance, it had a mystery plot that was pretty compelling - a tangled knot of whatthefuckery to unravel, and it came together nicely.

There were a couple points where folks seemed a little slow on the uptake:

Spoiler1. I feel like it was damn obvious that Brenda hired the hitters that were coming after Agnes, WAY before anyone made that connection in the book.
When she called to see if her daughter was okay there at the house, that's when I was 100% positive. And that was before Shane went to "take out the food chain" and we were told the person who hired the hitter was a she.

2. Photographer girl snapping pictures of the whole area the day before the wedding was an obvious hitman associate.
I am sorry, but no one does that, and it felt particularly weird that the experienced killers (Shane, Carpenter) wouldn't have seen through this immediately. That said, I didn't suspect that she was Casey Dean - that was a surprise - though I did think she was the sunbathing chick from the boat, in a wig or something.

3. Across the board, the police seemed to be utter morons.
Dude, she was walking with Maria like 10 seconds before Taylor was stabbed in the throat. Where did she GET the fucking meat fork? And Brenda, again, was such an obvious villain - she had all the motive, given that she wanted the wedding off so she could get the house, and given that her HUSBAND was ditching her - and she should have been in jail for fraud, along with Taylor, the moment the whole scam about the house came out.

4. Doyle was SO OBVIOUSLY the guy who had gotten the money.
Dude (which is apparently my expression for head-shaking disbelief at stupidity today), he had the damn necklace! And he was restoring the gazebo, where the secret door was! I figured he had found the door while restoring, and cha-ching. Again, though, I didn't figure everything out - I never for a second thought he was Frankie.

So there were some things I just kind of rolled my eyes over, but accepted. Because honestly, there was so much going on in this book, and it was happening on so many levels - multiple bad guys, multiple secrets, multiple agendas - that I can understand missing a few things. And the story itself was just so fun. Agnes and Shane were great, as were all the secondary characters (except Taylor, fuck that guy). And there were plenty of twists I didn't see coming, which was super fun.

And in all that, the romance wasn't lost. My heart broke for Agnes, and her history -
Spoilerher long, devastating string of people abandoning her
... no wonder the girl has anger issues - and her sweet hope that Shane would be a good guy, that he wouldn't lie to her.

Will definitely re-read this one. So much fun.