A review by woolgatherer
Queer Little Nightmares, by David Ly, Daniel Zomparelli

dark mysterious reflective medium-paced


This was a fun anthology to read, and I enjoyed how all the contributing authors explored monstrosity and queerness in their respective poems and stories. Some pieces haunted, others leaned harder into the conventional idea of the monstrous, and many were surprisingly reflective. I will say when it comes to engaging with the themes of queerness and monstrosity, some were more abstract than others, especially when it came to the poems (though, I guess that is the nature of a lot of poetry, haha). I also appreciated that there were a fair number of queer authors of color who also considered race.

I will say some pieces were more engaging than others, but, overall, I thought this was a really thoughtful anthology that’s perfect for the spooky season.

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